The Fight For Survival Is On!


Mankind has always had a keen eye for invention, and throughout time has come up with many wonderful and amazing ideas. Thomas Edison stood against those who doubted him and designed the means to harness and generate electricity. Accident victims who once had no hope found themselves with artificial limbs and the ability to control them. Diseases and ailments that were once fatal, are relegated to a simple inconvenience. But not everything mankind creates is pure in design. As a species we have always progressed with our technology and intelligence, but the instinct to dominate and control has been with us ever since our first steps on solid land.


In the early hours of December 21st 2032, our planet changed forever. Throughout the previous year, tension was increasingly mounting between our so called super powers of the world. Men who had no right to wield the power of God found themselves now at humanity’s fate and decided poorly. As children slept and as innocents dreamt of a bright future, the first bomb was dropped. Then another. And another. Before long, the bright glow of our planet was awash with the fires of nuclear war. The devastation was global, with most major cities in ruin, and vast pockets of radiation now covering the surface. For the first time in our planets history, it wasn't an asteroid or the ice age that would push us to the brink of extinction, but ourselves.


Now, 143 years later, the battle is still strong. The world’s population has been divided into two factions; those who hid, and those who were left behind. The Confederate Marine Corp. does what it can to keep peace and order in the remaining safe zones. They try to provide order and discipline to the remaining civilians of the last few safe zones. The brutish Marauders however are more machine than man now, using scraps of weaponry and cybernetic implants to keep them alive longer. Many years of radiation poisoning and complicated childbirth has left them scared and warped, like the things of nightmares. While the CMC want only to survive, the MDR relentlessly attack them for fresh supplies of their ever-growing addictions. Both factions are destined to fight until one falls. Which one is yet to be seen…

This Isn't War... It's An All Out Apocalypse!


OverDose is an online First Person Shooter where players battle across war ravaged landscapes for victory, with gameplay in the tradition of classic games such as Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory, melded with up to date gameplay mechanics and movement. Featuring:

• Objective Based Gameplay - Two teams battle to secure locations for victory, in the style of classic id Software titles Return To Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory. Teamplay is the key to winning.


• Movement For A New Generation - Alongside tradition movement, your players moveset has now greatly increased. Crouch slide into cover, pull yourself up over objects, dive into action, all seamless without breaking momentum.


• Class Based Combat - Both the CMC and the MDR have five classes to choose from, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Will you play as the balls to the wall Soldier and go head first guns blazing? Or will you support your team and heal them as a Medic? Each class caters to a different type of player. Who will you play as?


• An XP And Progression System For New Times - Every action will reward your player with experience, from killing to completing objectives. However, it isn't as simple as you may first believe. Every negative action will remove XP, effectively allowing your player to be demoted. A single bad match could push you back down to Private.


• A Vast Arsenal Of Weaponry - As you fight, your weapons rank up alongside you and allow different attachments which change to match your own personal playstyle. Balance is key for our team here, and nothing will ever give an unfair advantage. Pick your inventory wisely.


• The World Is Your Enemy - It's not just the other team you have to watch out for. This is a new Earth. Acid rain will blanket some outdoor areas, molten lava will burn you to a crisp, snow will hinder your vision, and pockets of radiation will make certain areas impossible to pass until cleared. Work as a team to find the best route to take, and if one doesn't exist... Make one.


• One Game, Two Modes Of Play - Objective mode sees you battle against other players for control and dominance. OverDose mode lets you and a team of players battle against waves of nightmares of increasing in strength and size. How you play, is up to you.


• Old School Game, Old School Modding - We grew up with Quake and classic PC Gaming. We know how important modding and editing are. As such, OverDose features a new and custom toolset, including SDK documentation and in-house level editor, to help you. Almost everything in OverDose is easily changed via simple scripting, making new mods a doddle. Don't like it? Change it!

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